The experts have many years of experiences in their areas of expertise.
Consequently, their knowledge overlap.  

The strong affinity to all wine themes has brought them together and thus creating a unique constellation for a professional  advice in this complex market segment.  










Their professional advisers to succeed in the wine industry

Valentin Brodbecker is employed as a graduate economist for nearly 3 decades with financial issues of all kinds. During this time, the subject of money systems has repeatedly rotated by 180 °. Today he can advise on the profound diversity of topics. Benefit from this experience today's demanding customers.
Likewise, as long as he devotes himself to the oenology and has since become the acknowledged expert. Among other things, he was named 2006 "Wine connoisseurs of the Year" by the magazine Wine Gourmet.

The symbiosis of work and passion culminated in the publication of his book with the title:

Wine as an investment, an enjoyable return.

In this specific topic, he is regarded as the expert in Germany. He was several times a guest interview on the Frankfurt trading floor, is often quoted in the popular daily newspapers and business magazines and is a regular speaker on the topic.
As a recognized expert, he advises investors.

His strength is clear and understandable to convey the complexities of investing in a winery and to identify viable visions for the development of the respective objects.